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You can join our discord server. Upload your game and wait for uploading to ROBOBLOCKS site.
1. Join the ROBOBLOCKS server.
2. Read the rules.
3. If your game complies with the rules, you can publish it.
4. Enter your game details:
   1. Name of the game
   2. Description of the game
   3. Tags
   4. Your nickname
   5. Screenshot of the game.
   6. Upload it to channel #upload
5. Upload and wait while administrator checks your game.
6. If your game secure:
   1. Administrator will answer on  your upload: "This game is completly secure!"
   2. Check ROBOBLOCKS site and wait while Administrator uploads your game.
* - indicates required field
The rules:
1. Don't upload 18+ content
2. Don't spam and ping @everyone for useless information.
3. Don't spam.
4. You may upload your games to channel main-chat
5. Don't scam users.
6. Don't upload viruses.
7. The bugs and errors in client publish to channel support
8. Don't insult administrators and moderators.
9. Don't DDOS official ROBOBLOCKS site.
10. Don't be toxic user.

If you broke one of these rules = 1 day mute and warn.
If you broke two of these rules = 2 day mute and 2 warns.
If you broke three of these rules = kick from server and 3 warns.
If you broke four of these rules = ban for 1 day and back to @Beginner rule.
If you broke five of these rules = ban forever.
For each publication of your game, you can get +30 points.